I have nothing but the utmost gratitude for the service I was provided by The Property People. They had my best interests at heart from the start, listening to exactly what I wanted before providing me with opportunities which best suited my needs. With having a young family and working full time I find that I don’t have the time to be searching for great investment opportunities on top of everything else I have going on, but The Property People went away and found me exactly what I was looking for. They also put me in touch with brokers who could offer great rates in order to help me purchase the property. My investment has been completely hassle-free and I have just received my first net rental payment, I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you for taking all the stress away from the process and finding me a great deal.

Joshua Timmins

I was getting tired of seeing how little my money was doing every month sat in the bank so I decided to invest some of it instead. Having done my research I soon found that UK property was one of the safest ways possible to invest my savings, it was then that I came across The Property People. Being a newbie property investor myself I found them very helpful in terms of pointing me in the right direction and letting me know the best areas to invest in, which have affordable prices and provide great yields.

Their due diligence was very thorough and they provided me with lots of detail about property comparables, area stats and tenant profiles. The property they provided me with was clearly massively discounted below the market value and they even got me a contracting team in place to do the refurb works necessary so I didn’t have to worry about anything myself. The works have just been completed and the house has now been valued up at ?40,000 more than what I paid for it! My next decision is whether to sell it on and cash in now or let it out and see a rental return of over 9% per year… Much greater than the 0.5% return I was seeing having it sat in the bank!

Thank you The Property People for opening my eyes to the possibilities available through investing in property.

Bethany Hodgins