Forget the Capital and forget the promises you’ve already been made by investment experts promising you the earth. It’s time to switch on to the happening city, where reality rules the day and net returns of seven per cent are very possible. Where an investment of £60,000 or more could open the door to some of the best buy to let opportunities in the UK.

Welcome to Manchester, but there’s much more than just our first example to wet the appetite. Student accommodation is now one of the most rock solid investment choices around as tuition fees begin to bite and students demand a much better standard of living than in the past. Assured yields of eight and even nine per cent are very possible with the right advice.

There’s a strong housing demand all round in the UK’s third largest metropolis from both home-owners and tenants alike, and because of a growing population the boom isn’t destined to end soon. From traditional terraced houses to plush city centre apartments, commercial buildings to small business premises, the North West is very much the place to be.

But always seek advice from people who know their business? Investment experts who are actually working landlords themselves. People who know the realities of property investment inside out. Those who can guide you to investments, they themselves would put money into.

Even if you have funding of £15,000, people who have the contacts to find you the most lucrative opportunities across the city. Manchester represents the largest economy outside of London, and its transport links are second to none. Recent regeneration schemes have literally transformed tired areas like Salford into highly desired living and working areas.

Wherever you look vibrant Manchester is reaching for the sky. If property investment is calling you, then follow the tune and head North West.

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